Ronald Acuna and his historic 2017 season

In 1982, Texas Rangers’ farmhand Chuckie Canady posted a .266/.375/.467 slash line with 51 SB and 20 HR. Since then, not a single minor leaguer has gone over a .375 OBP, 40+ SB and 20+ HR in any season in the minors. As we enter the final weeks of the 2017 minor league season, one man in the Braves’ system may top Canady’s outstanding year.

Hello Ronald Acuna.

As of today, the Gwinnett Braves outfielder has reached base at a .375 clip, to go along with 37 SB and 19 HR (Gwinnett, Mississippi and Florida stats combined). Barring a late August call-up, Acuna will have 21 games to break the 40 SB and 20 HR mark, while hoping to maintain an OBP of at least .375. It’s entirely possible the Braves could decide to bring up Acuna at any moment, but it appears more likely that a call-up (if it happens) would happen in early September, when MLB rosters expand from 25 to 40 men.

There have been a few men that have come close to Canady’s mark, but they all fell just short:

Butch Davis (Royals, AA&AAA, 1983): .380 OBP, 42 SB, 19 HR

Marty Brown (Reds, low-A, 1986): .372 OBP, 58 SB, 18 HR

Andruw Jones (Braves, low-A, 1995): .372 OBP, 56 SB, 25 HR

Dante Powell (Giants, AA&AAA, 1996): .371 OBP, 43 SB, 21 HR

Marlon Byrd (Phillies, low-A, 2000): .379 OBP, 41 SB, 17 HR

BJ Melvin Upton, Jr. (Devil Rays, AAA, 2005): .392 OBP, 44 SB, 18 HR

Grant Desme (A’s, low-A and high-A, 2009): .365 OBP, 40 SB, 31 HR,

Needless to say, some of the names on that list went on to very long and successful major league careers. In fact, with the exception of Desme (who left baseball after his historic 2009 season to pursue a career as a priest), every other player on this “almost” list reached the majors.

And maybe the most interesting part of all of this? Despite that mega season in 1982, Chuckie Canady never reached the big leagues.



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